WHY take a Golf Mobile Lesson?

1. You only need one or two key pointers because you are a very low handicap golfer

2. You are a complete beginner who needs all the correct golf fundamentals to hold and then swing a golf club

3. You do not have the time to schedule an in person lesson or the distance to the lesson is too far

4. You do not have the budget to get the best golf coaching from a very experienced golf coach

5. You get the best coaching that is guaranteed to show you improvement, the lesson is on your own schedule, for a price that meets your budget

What is our Teaching PHILOSOPHY?

The teaching philosophy of Dave Hartmann and his dedicated team of golf coaches involves giving a clear idea on how to build a consistent swing which is more powerful and requires less physical effort to produce and allows the student to improve at his/her own pace, with a clear idea of what to do to get to the next level of development in their golf game.

We teach individual people, not “cookie cutter” systems. No two golfers are exactly the same; therefore, one method of golf instruction is not equally effective for all types of players.

We teach according to each individual’s own unique physical characteristics and abilities.

What will you LEARN?

Golf Mobile Lessons are produced to help you learn what strengths you have and to focus on those aspects which need the most improvement. In a simplified manner, Golf Mobile Lessons award winning PGA of Canada golf coach Dave Hartmann and his dedicated team of golf coaches will help you to understand the all important golf swing fundamentals and components of proper technique and mechanics.

Dave Hartmann and his dedicated team of golf coaches will help you develop a more consistent golf swing that works with every club in your bag. You will learn how to self analyse and the proper way to practice to help apply repeatable motor skills to your golf swing that will last a life time. You can review your personalised Golf Mobile Lessons anytime you need to remember important full swing or short game techniques.

Golf Mobile Lessons - Intro Video

An example of a Golf Mobile Lesson
(This was taken with a Smartphone)